According to the Better Business Bureau, The “Secret Sister” gift exchange campaign that started back in 2015 through Facebook, is now running full steam ahead once again. But, just like before it is illegal and a complete SCAM!

It is often set-up where a Facebook post is promising participants would receive up to several gifts, in exchange for sending one gift. Then you send some of your personal info, then some of your friends, then do a few social media posts, etc, etc


Bottom line, its a pyramid schemes, and those are illegal in the US and Canada. The U.S. Postal Inspection Services explains that these gift exchanges are considered a form of gambling and that participants could be subject to penalties such as jail time, fines or a lawsuit for mail fraud.

There is another layer of danger to participating in these schemes. When signing up, the alleged campaign organizer is asking for personal information such as a mailing address or an email. With just a few pieces of information, cyber thieves could expose you to future scams or commit identity theft.

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