I have talked about this on the radio at least a few times, my fear of snakes! It's this time of year when I have to mow the lawn that I have to overcome that fear. My lawn mower is in my shed and often when I open the shed doors to get the lawn mower there are snakes.

I think the element of surprise is what gets me and not the actual snake itself.

I try my best to have someone else get the lawn mower of out the shed for me, but last year and this year, I have had to often get the lawn mower out of the shed myself.

The process is kind of humorous. I walk out to the shed with an extension pole from my roof rake and a can of wasp spray. I knock on the door of the shed with the pole and then open the door and look for snakes.

A few times, I have actually pull the lawn mower out of the shed and a snake fell off the top the lawn mower and just in front of my feet.

So, check out the video of the process I go through to get my lawn mower and tell me what you fear.

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