I know stepping out of that comfy place we like to call our comfort zone is not an easy thing to do. Heck, it's not even an easy thing to talk about.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard work. The type of work that your brain tries to convince you is way too difficult to overcome. That downright atrociously, uncomfortable, feeling you get when you even think about it.  And then there is the debilitating anxiety it can bring with it.

I understand all too well how these things feel because I feel it too. I feel the empty pit in my stomach when I'm asked to do something I've never done. I get sweaty all over, and my body does this fun thing where it shakes uncontrollably.

You know what, though?

I've come to find that those feelings only last so long, but the feeling of accomplishment once I've conquered my fears, and the task at hand, is a feeling I can't even describe! A feeling of purpose and pride that I wouldn't have felt if not.

Yes, your comfort zone won't put you in those tough positions. But they also aren't going to help you achieve everything you want in life.

My advice to you the next time you are worried about stepping out of your comfort zone, take the risk. Go for it. RIP OFF THE BANDAID. I challenge you to step out of that easy place and go for every single dream of yours.

You won't know just how strong you are until you push yourself in ways you never have.

Believe me when I say, If I can do hard things, SO CAN YOU!

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