With spring just days away and tourist season not far behind, Maine has plenty to offer with our ocean, lakes, mountains and uniquely Maine foods. I always seem to bring it back to food! 

I want to know what iconic Maine food that you like the best. I am a native Mainer and I'll confess, not a huge lobster fan. Then wash it all down with a Moxie!

Whoopie Pies: They are the 'official Maine treat'

Blueberry Pie: Maine is the blueberry capitol of the world! Mmmm pie!

Fiddleheads: My parents loved them, I've never built up the courage to try them!

Maine Baked Beans: Saturday in my house while I was growing up meant hot dogs and baked beans.

Lobster: I do like a lobster roll and many from away come to Maine for our lobster.

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