There are thousands of homes robbed each year because people aren’t hiding their spare keys in the right place. Experts say never hide your key near the front door, under the door mat or a flower pot near the door. Burglars know these spots and it’s easy for them to get the key and enter you home.

They know the top of the door-still, the porch light, the mailbox and a fake rock. There are better places to hide your spare key (because who hasn’t locked themselves out of the house before). Here are a few places you can try:

Try an inconspicuous place in the barbeque grill in the back yard, tucked away where it can’t be seen.

If you have vinyl siding you can find one panel where you can tuck a key in, just make sure it’s not near the front door.

A fake rock will work but keep it as far away from the door as possible and put it in an area with other rocks that look similar.

If you have an outside shed there are many hiding places there.

The best thing to remember is not to put a spare key near the door and don’t let anyone see you hide it or retrieve it. The best and safest place is to keep it with a neighbor or family member you trust ( and hopefully they’ll be home when you need it).