I drive by the building, almost, everyday.  A doctor's office sit in there now.  It was located right on Bangor Street.  But, it was always a special part of my summer vacations in Maine.  

While we were living in Germany, a couple years, my parents sent us to Maine for the summer time.  My sister and I would stay with my grandparents.  They lived right up the street from Barden's.  I always thought it was so exciting to take returnables down there and then use the money to buy candy.  It was neat, because there wasn't penny candy in Germany.

I would stock up on Garbage Pail Kids, swedish fish, pop rocks, wax lips and ring pops...and thumb pops too.

I never knew the owners, or maybe I did...I was young.  But, I will always remember how excited I would get about going to Barden's and getting candy.  Whenever I drive by the building, that excited feeling comes rushing back.

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