Never give up.  Never quit.  That is his motto.  Combat Veteran SSG. Travis Mills spent all last week with me during the Morning Buzz.  I learned so much about who he is as a person...who the real Travis is...aside from what is so blatantly obvious when you see him. 

Travis is a quadruple amputee.  Through his journey, he has always kept 5 words in his head.  'Never give up.  Never quit.'  To help other veterans who were injured at war, Travis has opened up a Retreat in Rome.  Through the Travis Mills Foundation, these veterans can enjoy an all expenses paid stay in Vacationland.

The Travis Mills Foundation wants to open their doors to the general public to come visit and tour the Retreat.

August 4th

1pm - 4pm

1002 Watson Pond Road

Come out and see the Retreat and say HI to B98.5!!

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