When Woosie the cat disappeared in 2011 Helen and Phillip Johns searched but with no luck. Helen said one morning Woosie went out like cats do but never came back. They had given up hope of ever finding their family cat until one day, three years later, they received a call. The call came from a vet that scanned a microchip installed in the cat and discovered it belonged to the Johns family.

Woosie had been hiding at Ginster's Pie and Pastry factory 30 miles from his family home. The staff adopted the cat thinking it was a stray and had been feeding it pastries and treats for three years. Factory workers let the cat have free reign of the offices and feed him daily.

The cat gained weight and the workers took Woosie to the vet who scanned the chip and found the owners. Helen said she was shocked when she got the call from the vet saying they had her cat. She also said he is a little fatter than when he left three years ago. When Woosie returned home, he got in his favorite chair and stretched out like nothing had happened.