A little over a year ago, a survey was done to determine the strangest things people in the United States put on their resumes.

Most of us are smart enough to be very conservative (boring?) when it comes to filling out the OTHER INSTERESTS section of a resume or on a job application.

Those of us who are cautious put things like hiking, spending time with family, or cooking.  Ya know, safe stuff that nearly everyone can agree with.

That's what most of us do.  Some people, on the other hand, let their uniqueness stand out.

Zippia recently did a study to determine the weirdest words / terms people put on their resumes.  The study broke it down state by state.

For Maine, it was LEATHER.  Lacking any other context, it is kind of hard to really figure out why so many people listed that on their resumes.  We can guess, though.  We do live in a state that has a lot of crafts-people.  Bikers, too.  That's where my thoughts are leaning.

For our neighbors in the "603", New Hampshire, they frequently referenced GYMNASTICS.  Having lived in New Hampshire for over a decade, that one is a little perplexing.  Had they listed SKIING, HIKING, or BEER, I would not have been surprised.  But, GYMNASTICS?

In Vermont, it was BEEKEEPING.  Makes sense to me.

In Massachusetts, it was WITCHCRAFT.  Kind of makes sense, given that Salem is in Massachusetts.

As you work your way west, they get more and more strange.  In New York, it was ARGUING.  Nothing against New Yorkers, but I could see that being very common.

For New Mexico, it was ALIEN (illegal or space?).  In Texas, it was BIG FOOT.  And, the strangest of all, in Alabama, it was WOOKIE.

Check out the state by state breakdown HERE

If you're in HR, what is the strangest thing you've seen on a resume or application?

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