According to a survey commissioned by Goodyear Auto Service and Just Tires revealed younger drivers are more than 1 1/2 times more likely to recognize and identify emojis correctly than the car warning systems on thier car dashboards. 49% of millennial and younger drivers were unable to recognize the TPMS tire warning symbol in the survey.

This lack of awareness is a clear symbol, no pun intended, that these drivers don't know that when the light comes on it could mean a tire puncture, or even a leaking tire due to rim damage, or simply just low tire pressure which can lead to uneven tread wear and poor gas mileage.

In addition, the study also noted most drivers surveyed are not taking precautionary actions to prepare their cars for winter. Drivers who live where winters are cold, less than half check their tires before winter. And almost two in five winter drivers surveyed don't do anything as far as preparing their vehicles for winter unless they run into a problem.

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