Kids are kids the world over and when an 11 year boy in Xinzo de Limia, Spain heard his parents were called to his school for a parent-teacher conference, he didn’t want to be around for it, so he faked his own kidnapping. Most children wouldn’t go to the extreme of faking a kidnapping to get out of a P/T meeting, but his poor performance in school and falling grades in recent weeks, was the catalyst for his fake kidnapping.

Things didn’t go as planned for the boy, his father is a police officer in the town and when he got a call from his son saying he was stuffed in the back of a car, a manhunt was launched. News reports were sent out, roadblocks were put up and alerts were sent about the kidnapping. The manhunt continued for several hours until the boy’s father noticed the keys to their other home were missing, and when he checked there, the boy was found safe. The police are not pressing charges, but the parents may have a few things to say.

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