As sad as it is to say, we have another canceled festival to share with you. According to The Moxie Festival's facebook page, The 2020 Moxie Festival has been canceled due to events surrounding the corona virus pandemic.


Well everyone, I think we all knew this was coming but of course in good ol' Moxie fashion, we were hoping to be "...

Posted by The Moxie Festival on Wednesday, June 3, 2020


The Moxie Festival has been around since 1982, when Moxie lovers gathered together to share their admiration for their favorite soft drink.  After nearly 40 years, two things remain the same: Moxie lovers come from all over the world just to celebrate Moxie and it's always celebrated the second week of July.

This cancellation didn't come easy and was pushed off as long as possible. But, to ensure the health and safety of the community, the people behind the Moxie Festival feel this was the best decision. They hope to see you at the it to be bigger and better then ever!

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