A sure sign of aging is grey hair and it seems to happen to everyone sooner or later. Hair follicle stem cells and pigment-producing melanocyte cells produce the color in your hair but as we age the cells stop producing as well so we turn grey. Those of European decent grey faster, while African and Asian descendants grey slower. It has a lot to do with genetic makeup as to how old and how fast your grey hair comes in.


Scientists have known for decades what causes hair to turn grey and now they may be on the brink of eliminating it altogether. They have found a method of restoring grey hair to its original color on mice and hope it will translate to humans.  The lack of protein in stem cells leads to grey hair and by manipulating the cells could stop hair from turning grey. It had been thought for years that stress can cause grey hair by damaging your DNA but according to studies, that appears to be speculation rather than fact. The studies are still in the beginning stage and further tesst and experiments are needed but maybe one day black, brown, red or blonde will be the next grey.