I heard this phrase "November Widow" a few years back and wondered what it could mean. That was until it was explained, and at that moment, I never felt something more accurate in my life.

What is a November Widow?

If you have a spouse who eats, sleeps, breathes, and downright lives to hunt, you are a November Widow. Now I'm not talking about the occasional time they might spend here and there hunting. I'm talking about the hardcore hunters, the ones that get up early to hunt before work, the ones that take their only vacation days and stockpile them to use during hunting season. You know the ones that make tree stands comfy enough to sit in from sun up to sundown. The hunters that wait all year to tag out and pray it's a trophy size buck.

Yeah, those.

I am married to one, and being in the beautiful state of Maine, I'm sure many of you are too. I remember being almost jealous of the woods, and of the time my husband spent away from us. I was not too fond of hunting season and often would beg that he stayed home. Until I saw my husband's face as he provided us with a freezer full of meat on one of our hardest years financially. I saw the pride on his face, and I saw the glimmer in his eyes, And at that moment, I knew that he was truly taking time to do something he loves.

Hunting is my husband's self-care. I now encourage him to make time for it even when there really are more pressing things to be done. Nothing is more important than taking time to do something you love & if that means I'm a November Widow, so he gets a little self-care, then I'll wear that title proudly.


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