Now that spring has sprung... check out the Weskeag Marsh which is located in South Thomaston and is well known in the birding community as a prime location to, well, watch birds. It is located on Buttermilk Lane within the R. Waldo Tyler Wildlife Management Area that is over 600 acres.

If you enjoy an easy hike there is a 1 mile trail that loops around. Keep in mind the good chance of encountering bugs, including ticks, and keep those pups leashed to ensure any nesting birds are not disturbed. And while hiking keep and eye out for several different birds from the well known Canadian Goose to the small Eastern Bluebird.

Weskeag Marsh

This marsh is considered a stopover for migrating birds and is especially busy in the spring. You may see a snowy egret or even and killdeer. My favorite to watch are the yellow legs. They remind me of a cartoon character while they scamper around looking for food and bring a smile to my face.

There is a generously sized parking area overlooking the marsh. I recommend at the very least you bring binoculars and if you have a spotting scope even better. It's cost effective, nature viewing at it's finest, in other words, it's free....Enjoy!



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