Today is day four of Camp Out Hunger, and we have loaded up and filled one of the two Uhaul trucks. We have had so many amazing people stop in, in hopes of giving back to their neighbors. It really is what it is all about helping those around you, the ones you might not even know. And, the ones you know, but you don't know that they are food insecure.

Together we are Camping Out Hunger, and we couldn't do it without YOU. So if you're out and about at any point tonight Friday (11/6) or tomorrow Saturday (11/7) until the afternoon, we will be here collecting nonperishable food and monetary donations.

Here is a list of things we still need

  • pasta
  • baby food
  • formula
  • raisins
  • granola bars
  • mac and cheese
  • flour
  • sugar
  • graham crackers
  • apple sauces
  • fruit cups
  • jello
  • pudding
  • juice boxes
  • popcorn
  • pop tarts

If you don't have extra money or food to donate, that's okay; we are also accepting your bottles and cans too! Just drop them off here, and Damon's redemption will pick them up.


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