I have been working since I was 15 years-old. My first real "big girl" job was at Park City Pizza in Auburn. I was a waitress and loved it. I made $5.25 per hour. That was back in the early 2000s. Things have changed and so have my eye brows. You can see them now.

I remember my second job was at a veterinarian and quit the same day because I loved to play with the animals but couldn't do any of the medical stuff with them.

The most popular job I had is the one I have now, it makes sense for me to be a local DJ because all I did at my other jobs was talk to everyone anyway.

USA Wage put out a list of the most popular occupations in Maine and ranked them from #1-200, from most popular to least popular.

If I think about back when I first moved here, Maine seemed like the kind of state that coastal jobs would be most popular.

When I found out which job was trending the highest, according to this survey posted in 2021, I was a bit surprised.

The most popular job in Maine is Retail Salesperson, according to USA Wage.

Their are 17,820 people as of 2021 that were working in retail as sales people. With a yearly earning of $29,570, according to the survey.

I didn't even think we had that many stores and shops to give almost 20,000 people retail positions, but I was wrong.

This gives me another memory jog. I worked in retail at Fashion Bug. Retail and sales is not easy and I give a lot of credit to those who bust their bums working those jobs.

I would have assumed the medical/health industry or even food industry at number one.

Because this survey was done in 2021, I am curious to see if it has stayed the same?

Imagine if the next list of the most popular jobs came out and it was TikTokers or something to do with the internet.

Were you surprised by this?

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