There are always funny stories coming out of the UK. Since the release of 50 Shades of Grey, there have been numerous "incidents" of, well, let's just say "curiosities gone wrong"...and firefighters are bracing for more.

Apparently, E L James' erotic novels have spiked a curiosity among couples to experiment sexually. Some instances have resulted in embarrassing and painful results. The London Fire Brigade said that the reports of being stuck in handcuffs and rings has steadily increased since the release of the original '50 Shades back in 2011. They have been called out 393 times since April 2014 for sex-related matter, with 28 of those a result of being trapped in handcuffs.

  • A man had a pair of rings stuck around his...well, let's just say they had a hold of his manhood for three days. ER doctors couldn't remove them and had to call in the fire department, which used handheld hydraulic cutters
  • A woman who called because her husband was stuck in a chastity belt
  • An incident involving a toaster and a separate incident involving a vacuum

With the movie hitting theaters this weekend, the London Fire Brigade is reminding people that in order to avoid being red-faced, use common sense. If you're using handcuffs, keep the key near by.

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