It feels like we have jumped from early spring directly into the middle of summer.  A few days ago, we were dealing with temperatures in the lower 60's. For the next few days, Central Maine is being gifted with temperatures in the upper 80's.

Of course, with these warmer temperatures and the accompanying humidity, it should not be a surprise that meteorologists are calling for thunderstorms over the next few days.

According to the National Weather Service, there is a slim chance that we could see some thunderstorms Tuesday night.  If we do have any, they are likely to be fairly mild and scattered.

However, as of Tuesday afternoon, it appears that much of Central Maine will see thunderstorms on Thursday.

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According to the National Weather Service, the day will start off nice.  It will be partly sunny in the morning, but will cloud up as the day goes on.  There is a chance of showers throughout the middle of the day, and starting at about 2 PM, a chance of thunderstorms.

While the threat of nasty thunderstorms is nothing to be afraid of, you should take reasonable precautions.  Make sure your devices are charged, pick up small items that could easily be blown around your yard, and stay inside during any severe thunderstorm.

Shot By Ireland / Unsplash
Shot By Ireland / Unsplash

Once we get through the rain and thunderstorms of the next few days, it looks like we are going to be blessed with nice weather for the long weekend. 

What are your plans for the long weekend?  Let us know by sending us a message inside our app.

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