One of the thing I really like about this time of year is you can get outside and enjoy some pretty robust exercise before it gets too hot, and not have to deal with many insects, now if someone would pass that info on to the ticks we would truly be golden.

One place that should be on your radar is Bald Rock Mountain trail in Lincolnville. It's part of the Camden Hills area and truly offers something for everyone, and is very dog friendly.

Zelda on Bald Mountain
Zelda on Bald Rock Mountain

Set your GPS to Lincolnville and turn onto Route 52. From there you turn into Youngtown Road and the parking area for the destination is on the left. Destination.... Bald Rock Mountain, which is definitely a favorite of mine since you can go easy or more difficult depending on your mood.

It’s best to get there early before the trail gets busy. This also allows you to get a parking space easily since those can be at a premium and tend to fill up fast. Personally, I enjoy the quietness the morning brings.

Panaramic Stunning Views
Panaramic Stunning Views

You will start off on the multi use trail. This trail is wide and is covered in gravel. It’s used for horseback riding, skiing and is level enough to push a jogging stroller. My dogs are always excited for the adventure. Just a reminder, always head out prepared, water, bug spray, hiking boots and pant legs. Remember, those ticks are nasty out there.

The trail head is just about a mile up the multi use trail. This part is easy so if you are just looking for an easy stroll this part is perfect! Once you turn onto the Bald Rock Mountain trail it gets a bit more difficult. The trail winds through the woods and you have to navigate branches and stone stairs. The dogs bound up easily.

The view at the summit is stunning. You are rewarded with views of Penobscot Bay and it’s surrounding islands. Summer blueberries make a tasty snack when they are in season too.

Islands off Penobscot Bay
Islands off Penobscot Bay

From the summit you can either loop around to a different trail which is steeper than the one I described or you can go back the way you came. Either way it’s just about a 3 1/2 miles loop.

This trail is considered an intermediate endeavor and it is part of Camden Hills State Park so fees may apply depending on where you connect to the trail. Remember to bring plenty of water for you and your pup. Don’t forget the tick prevention and please keep your dog leashed.


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