I'm the type of woman that likes shoes, really I like any type of foot accessory. Shoes, fancy shoes, running shoes, grippy socks from the hospital, and you can't forget slippers, I love a good pair of fluffy slippers.

When I started my journey in the radio world, I couldn't wait to decorate my office and find the perfect pair of office slippers. You know the important things that come with starting a new career. I bought my initial pair of office slippers and they were a dud, nothing about them was cute or comfy.

So, the search began, and over the past few weeks anywhere and everywhere I go, I've been slipper searching. Then it happened, I stumbled upon one of those subscription boxes that comes quarterly and inside this season's Fall box was the cutest, fluffiest, winter sweater looking, perfect for my feet, slippers!

office slippers 2

My first review of my fancy new slippers: THEY ARE PERFECT!! That's all nothing more and nothing less to say. THEY ARE PERFECT!!


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