If you normally play Powerball, you are going to want to listen up..  A winning ticket was sold in Maine for Saturday's drawing.

Of course, this was not for the massive jackpot - that has not been won in a while and it is still growing.  But, the winning ticket is worth $50,000.

According to WABI, the ticket was sold at Paradis Family Supermarket in Fort Kent.  Yes, way up in Aroostook County.  So, if you recently made a trip up there or you have family / friends who live up there, you may want to let them know.

The winning numbers for Saturday's drawing were: 7 - 23 - 24 - 32 - 43 - PB 18


What About The Powerball Jackpot?

It has been a few months since anyone hit the Powerball jackpot.  As a result, just like any ticket game, the jackpot has continued to increase.  As of the time of this writing, the jackpot for tonight's (July 12th) drawing is about $725,000,000.

That is truly a LIFE CHANGING amount of money!


Has Maine Ever Had A Powerball Winner?

Nope!  Maine is one of the only states to have never had a Powerball jackpot winner.  We have, however, had several million dollar winners.

Last winter, Maine DID have its first Mega Millions winner.  And, it was a BIG one.  Yeah, in case you forgot, the $1.35 BLLION ticket was sold at a store on the Maine / New Hampshire border.

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