So when it comes to wearing facemasks to help aid in preventing catching COVID-19 , experts are now saying that cloth masks simply do not provide adequate protections, and really only make a fashion statement. The new standard is the N95 mask or one of the N95 variant masks, such as the NX95.

Of course buying these masks can be more expensive due to the supply and demand issues. Another question that plagues many is how long you can wear a mask before it needs to be discarded?  One time? One day? A week?

According to a report by CNN, it’s not that the masks expire, or lose the ability to protect you the more you wear it unless it’s fit has been compromised in some way.  The greater concern is cross contamination which is why they are designated as single use in medical settings.  However, for the average person that uses it to go into a store or restaurant doesn’t have to be as concerned about cross contaminating others from their masks.

As most things COVID-19, the experts don’t all agree on the best timeline for wearing a particular mask. They do agree if the mask is compromised in some way, either the straps are stretched out, or there is a hole in it, or if it is ripped that it should be replaced.  The longer you wear it, the more it's actually trapping material.

Overall, the contamination risk of reusing a N95 mask or a variant is much lower than a cloth mask and certainly better than no mask at all.

The Maine CDC has not weighed in on mask type or how long before a mask has to be replaced. According to the Maine CDC website they have taken a more general approach stating:

“Wear face coverings when in public, when around people who don’t live in your household, and when you can’t stay 6 feet away from others, including when you
are outside”

As with most things COVID-19, information will change as understanding evolves.

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