Debbie Myers is a Member of the Maine country Music hall of fame, where she was inducted back in 2015.

Debbie has a passion for singing and giving back to her community, she has been very successful in raising money for Maine Veterans In Need over the past several years.
Unfortunately with social distancing happening, Debbie is unable to perform with a live audience, but that’s not stopping her from performing and fundraising.
Friday May 1st, at 7:00 EST Debbie Myers will be performing live on her facebook page in hopes to fund raise money that will go towards food and gas for Maine Veterans In Need.
During the fabebook live concert you will be able to donate online or you can send Gas Cards, Grocery Cards and Cash donations directly to:
Volunteer Service 135
1 VA center
Augusta, Maine 04330
Debbie wants you to help your family and friends, first and foremost.. to donate only if your friends and family are taken care of and you have the extra money to donate, please do so!
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