I don't go around looking for ghosts.  In fact, that's the last thing I want to do.  I, totally, believe in ghosts and paranormal evil stuff.  When my husband mentioned taking the kids to Fort Knox, yesterday, I didn't think anything of it.  I was a willing participant in the day's journey.

We got to Fort Knox and the kids were off exploring every nook and cranny.  It truly is a fun place to explore.  There were Officers Quarters and Enlisted Men's Quarters.  There was also 2 very long corridors: 2-Step Alley & Long Alley.

It was when we were in Long Alley that it happened.  I was holding hands with my husband.  We were casually walking because the floor was uneven and it was dark.  Suddenly, I said something...just sort of 'word vomited' out of my mouth.  I said to my husband 'We're not alone'.  I wasn't referring to the other visitors of the fort.  My husband thought I was being weird or silly.

We continued walking up Long Alley.  Out of the blue, I felt something brush again the back of me...from top to bottom...I quickly turned around.  There was nothing.  My husband asked me what was wrong.  I said 'nothing' and continued walking.  Seconds later, the same thing...something brushed the entire length of my back side.  I turned around again...NOTHING.  It wasn't a breeze.  Something...something touched me.  After we got out of Long Alley, the feeling was instantly gone and I continued along with our fun day.

When we got home, I mentioned it again to my husband.  We decided to research if Fort Knox was haunted.  We saw a few videos and all of them said the same...Fort Knox is haunted...more specifically, Long Alley!!!!  Watch it for yourself:

Intrigued, my husband wants to go back and investigate.  I, on the other hand, will choose to stay home.  But, if hunting for ghosts is your thing...here's how you can do it at Fort Knox (again, I had NO idea this was a thing...or I would NOT have gone)


I want nothing to do with paranormal anything!  I'm still spooked by this encounter.