You may have heard, but I recently took up yoga due to an injury from sitting while at work. Being new to yoga meant I needed to purchase a few things for my new adventure. You know, things like a yoga mat, some fun leopard print yoga pants, and new grippy socks that make sure I'm not sliding all over the place.

One thing I didn't think of purchasing was headbands to keep my ever-growing hair out of my face when I'm in those random yoga poses where my heads down. No worries, I fixed the problem with my good old friend amazon prime. Now what I didn't expect was for these headbands to have a dual purpose.

Yep. You read that right, a multi-functioning yoga headband. You might be asking yourself, how does a yoga headband have multi uses? Well, you see, if you pull the headband down and place it over your mouth it can also be a face mask!

yoga mask

And there you go, now when you're in a pinch and need a mask, you can use your yoga headband. LOL



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