Who's riding who, here??  Bull are magnificent animals.  Massive.  And certainly not one I'd want to engage when it is pissed off.  So, the courage this cowboy had to try and distract this bull...well...he clearly has a big set of cohones.

Just pay attention and watch the video.  How many feet do you think the bull tossed him?  Was a band-aid need after this altercation?  I have so many questions.

We had such an AMAZING day on Saturday.  Probably, the BEST Boots N Bulls Rodeo, I have see, yet.  The weather, the rodeo, the music...it was all perfect.  If you missed it, I'm sorry.

Boots N Bulls

To top it all off...Rawhide, he's a cowboy...allowed my daughter to ride on his horse.  It absolutely made her entire year.  So many restrictions have been forced onto her, due to her illness, that she's had to change her entire life.  This put the smile on her face I hadn't seen in a long long time.  It's the simple things.  Thank you, Rawhide!

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