When we go out each day with the Maine Army National Guard and stand out front of supermarkets, we treat everyone the same. We ask everyone to make a donation of non-perishable food items and/or cash for the Salvation Army and local area food banks. You never know what might happen.

Well, something incredible started off our 3rd day of 'Tanks'giving.

A woman was approached by Sgt. Frank Nile and explained what we were doing there. And he got the same reaction from her as we do everyone else: they might, hopefully, bring something out when they are done shopping.

About 10 minutes later, an employee of Shaw's asked if they could borrow one of the soldiers for a little help. Sgt. Nile went in to help while PFC Nate Fossett and I manned the table. 10 minutes after that, Sgt. Nile said "Sharon, you need to see this." So I went inside.

And what I saw made me speechless.


That woman who was approached by Sgt. Nile had filled 3 shopping carts to overflowing. Shaw's ALWAYS has great deals so I asked her "Is this all for us?" and she replied yes. I started to tear up. I then asked "Are you an extreme couponer?" She said no. So all of the food she was buying was coming out of her own pocket.


Then, to add to our amazement, she the asked the cashier, Molly, for a gift card to donate as well to bring it to an even $1,000.


NO. Her food total came to approximately $681.70. And, after the manager Carol pressed all the right buttons, it was all paid for.


I gave her a huge hug and told her she was an angel...which she was. She hopped in her SUV and drove away. Not asking for a thank you. Not asking for notoriety. She remains anonymous, as per her choice, and we will respect her request.

She said she knew what we were doing here today. She knew how many people we help with our food drive. She wanted to give back to her community.

And that's what each and every one of you do. You help. You take care of your fellow man, your neighbor, the children with nothing to eat. You dig deep and spend or donate that dollar that you don't have and give it to others who have less than you.

You never know what is going to happen on any given day. We are so thankful for the cans and boxes that EVERYONE donates. They all add up to box after box and we fill the trucks and Salvation Army vans that pick up the food on Friday.

With each item you donate, you help end hunger in Maine. Thank you all for your help. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for giving of yourself and teaching your children to do the same. We could NEVER do this without you.

There's always one thing to get me to cry on the air, and today was it. Take a listen:

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