Now that I have had several weeks to think long and hard about this, I have narrowed  down my first three places i'll be visiting once social distancing ends.

1st Place - Massachusetts -  Our best friends who, happen to be family, and are also the Godparents of my kids, live in Massachusetts. Before social distancing  we visit 6-10 times a year.  When we were not able to do that, we would talk on face-time. As we were used to frequent visits, even with our face-time sessions this has really been hard to get used to.  Not gonna lie, I am pretty sure our bags are already packed.

2nd Place - TJ Maxx -  Now, this may seem petty, or just one of those things that really doesn't matter to some, but I really do miss it. I miss having ME time. Time where I shop and just browse the racks for the next super cute article of clothing to hit my closet. Until then, I'll just continue to put on 15 different outfits, all while saying "but what will I wear"......

3rd Place - Lucky Garden - I'm itching for a date night just Hubba and I, Lucky Garden in Hallowell is our go to location for Date night.  Unfortunately along with many other restaurants they are closed and aren't even open for take-out. Oh believe me if they were date nights would still be happening, only difference we would be sitting in our kitchen looking at acres and acres of woods in stead of the gorgeous view of the Kennebec River that Lucky Garden would normally provides for us.

If you didn't figure it out by reading the top three places I need to go as soon as social distancing is over, all I really need is to see my besties, enjoy a little retail therapy, and just a night out alone with my Husband!

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