Vacation has ended, and I'm refreshed and ready to get back into my rhythm. That's right; I'm Back! I know, I'm just as excited as you are, really I am. To be honest, it was weird being home resting and enjoying time off with my kids while still getting paid. Why was that weird you might ask, well this was my very first paid vacation, and it took a little getting use to.

We didn't waste any time getting vacation started, as I had a ton planned for all five straight days. Date nights, beach trips, setting up our new bed, more beach trips, and multiple trips to the Ice Cream Shoppe in Randolph, you know the big deal things you can do here in central Maine.

Friday evening, we kicked it off with Vegan ice cream from the Ice Cream Shoppe for dinner. Who doesn't love ice cream, and it's even better when it's plant-based, and I can act like I just ate a salad.

Kristi's Vacation

After we en ice cream for dinner, we headed over to Texas Roadhouse for a little dessert steak and rolls. You cannot forget those. Plus, we added a side of dinner selfies with a whole lot of laughter to the order.

Pulling into the driveway, we noticed our new bed and bed frame had been delivered. Of course, there was no way I was going to be able to sleep in my old bed knowing very well my new one was capable of the job. So we got right to work!

Saturday brought a whole lot of yard work and catching up on household things; you know cleaning ugh and grocery shopping, those boring adult things. But, there was no way we were getting through the night without a good old fashioned smores by the fire.

Sunday through Wednesday, I spent between my new and might I say very comfortable bed and the doctor's office due to pulling/tearing a muscle in my groin. This meant no beach trips and less fun in general.

Now it might not have been the ideal way to spend my mini-vacation; however, I think it was the universes way of telling me I did need to rest and take a much-needed break!


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