About five years ago, I started a whole new lifestyle, and it completely changed my outlook on life. I'd count my steps, track my food intake, and take a peek into my sleep habits all by the coolest wristwatch. That fitness tracking watch eventually died, and so did my ambition. I fell off that wagon hard and then got dragged. lol

Getting back to that place mentally and physically is a massive goal of mine before the end of 2020. To make sure that I stick with it and find my self back in the same habits I was before, I made a nice little purchase and bought a new fitness watch.

Another reason for wanting a watch that tracks all things was to see what my sleep pattern at night is. Since starting this fantastic job, one thing I have been lacking is a good night's rest, and I'm the type of person that needs a good night's sleep.

My fun new toy arrived yesterday. I put it right on the charger and then made sure to wear it for my afternoon nap. Roughly 3 hours later, I woke up from my catnap. Is it consider a nap if its 3 hours? I'm going to say yes because most of my naps are that long. I then made sure to wear it all night to catch my sleep pattern again.

It turns out I get more REM sleep while napping than I do during the night. Who'd have thought? Either way, I'm not going to stop napping!

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