Whether it's putting up the tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Opening up a present on Christmas Eve.  Buying a new ornament every year.  It doesn't matter what your tradition is, as long as you are creating memories.  Traditions run deep, like the roots in a family tree.  They help you remember loved ones who now watch over us.  Or create new memories as you start your own family.  

One of my family traditions is making a very special pie.  Everyone loves it.  It is delicious.  But the book, in which the recipe comes from, is what makes it so special.  My grandmother hand wrote all the recipes used in our family for generations.  Could be an original family recipe or one that you can find in the Betty Crocker cook book.

I've always admired how she never made a mistake.  And how she added special stories, jokes or tips throughout the book....like this one 'How To Calm An Angry Child'.  This page is clearly used A LOT...whether it be for the recipe or trying to calm the angry child.

I miss my grandmother.  But this book continues to keep me happy and I can't wait to pass it along to my daughter, just like my mom did to me.


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