While at work the other day my co-worker Cooper just happened to see the stockpile of Go-Go Squeeze Apple sauces I have on my desk for those days I get extra hangry (a mix between hungry and angry).

"Aren't those for kids" he asked.

If you could have seen my face, I don't know if I was in shock or offended.  "Ahh nope these are for people of all ages.

It got me to thinking, how many "kids" snacks are there that are also eaten by adults? Well I'm a huge kid at heart so for me its a lot. Here is a list of all the "kid snacks" I love.


GoGo - Squeeze- Applesauce on the go? Heck yes! You can also get go-go squeeze with vegetables added in. Fruits and Veggies in one quick snack is just how I like to roll.
Lunchables-  Are my favorite on the go picnic lunch for both adults and kids. Adults get to eat two lunchables and kids only get to eat one.
Fruit Cups- You can find fruit cups in just about any fruit you desire. I love the fact that I don't need to pre-cut the fruit and its so easy to get my fruits in on the go.
Rice Krispies Treats- It doesn't matter if my Rice Krispies treats are prepackaged or homemade, they are simply delicious either way.
Fruit Roll Ups- I'll settle for the basic regular fruit roll up, but I'm such a kid a heart,
I often search for the ones that will provide me with tongue tattoos. Haha
Animal Crackers- A light and airy cracker that comes in Animal Shapes and who doesn't love food when it comes in shapes?
Gushers- Are a yummy fruit snack with the ooiest gooiest inside that gives you a pop of flavor. Yum!
Teddy Grahams- Remember how I mentioned loving snacks that come in shapes? Teddy Grahams give you the sweet graham cracker taste in little bear shapes.
Snack Packs- Who doesn't love pudding? I think we can all agree with Adam Sandlers character in the 1995 movie Billy Madison.  "Where's my snack pack? You know I like Snack Pack, why can't you just GIVE ME A SNACK PACK?!?!" ... Adam Sandler
Veggie Straws- Now I'm sure if you dig these probably are no better for you then a bag of chips. But, these crunchy sticks made out of a mix of potatoes and veggies make me feel a whole lot better when I can think I'm eating a healthy alternative

Yep, so basically I'm a huge child at heart, that loves easy on the go snacks and its a bonus if they are in a fun shape!
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