Does your husband get excited over new tools and yard equipment? Mine sure does. He acts like a little kid on Christmas morning every time he gets a new "toy," even if said "toy" is a necessity.

It's no different than when I get overly excited about new kitchen appliances or a new couch. That, my friends, is what we call adulthood. Haha.

A few months back, our lawnmower died, and it left us borrowing one from my parents who happen to live right next door. They haven't minded at all and have been very generous about it, but there is something about having your own that makes you feel accomplished, even if it is just a lawnmower.

Last night while running a few errands, we headed into the Home Depot for a roll of weedwhacker string. As I'm sure you know, you can never just walk into a store and grab the only thing you went in to get. If you hadn't guessed it, yep, we also came home with a new toy for my husband, that also happens to mow the lawn.


Of course, we had to hurry home so Stephen could get the fun new toy set up. Setting up didn't take to long, considering its battery powered and collapsible for those tight to fit storage places.


Our son Logan who mows the lawn most of the time, took it for its first test drive. The verdict, he loves the new family toy, and I'm going to call it a win because I don't have to worry about refueling the gas tank.

I'll be honest; I was concerned at the thought of a battery-powered lawnmower not being powerful enough to get the job done. I'll be the first to say I was wrong, and I would recommend it to everyone. You can't go wrong with lightweight, collapsable, and battery-powered.


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