Throughout the whole coronavirus pandemic, everyone, including my family, had had to shift, modify, and adapt when it came to most anything. But, celebrations are probably the most significant thing we as humans have missed out on over the past few months. From graduations and proms to weddings and simple birthday parties, to a regular family dinner out, it didn't matter the size it was more than likely canceled, postponed, or places downright closed due to the pandemic.

So, when things started opening back up in early July, and the world started turning again as I like to call it, I got excited at the thought of getting out of the house and being able to celebrate my husband Stephens's birthday (July 20th). I've been married to Stephen for almost 13 years, so I knew he wouldn't want some extravagant birthday party, and no big surprises. I do, however, know that he would never turn down a nice Hibachi dinner at Kume.

My sweet kids helped me plan the whole night out in under five minutes. My kind of planning, I mean, how much planning does it take to make reservations for a party of 4?  Well, the answer is roughly five minutes. Haha. Stephen's not into the decorations and weeks and weeks of prepping, so this was the perfect low key way to celebrate him. If it was my birthday tho or one of the kids, you guessed it.. weeks and weeks of planning!

Kume 4

If you're unfamiliar with a hibachi restaurant and what they are all about, they are seriously so fun and entertaining. Once you're seated, and you've picked the meal you want, the chef brings everything out on this little cart full of food, cooking utensils, and delicious marinades. When you see the chef and that cart, you know the show is about to begin. Spatulas are flying around the grill, and then comes the onion volcano, yep a volcano made of onion. Oh and then what is probably my favorite part of the whole show, they dice up raw veggies and throw them at your mouth to see if you can catch it.

I think if you haven't witnessed a hibachi dinner in person, then you need to do so. Some of our favorite family dinners and laughs have come from sitting around a hibachi grill while we get a super fun show and some of the most fabulous food out there.

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