I was blessed to meet my soulmate, AKA my sweet husband Stephen, at such a young age.  Often, we both wonder if we were born in the wrong era.  Most everyone that knows us will agree when I say we are old souls.

We've never been into the whole bar hopping and club dancing thing. I love to dance and he loves a good drink, but for us we've always been the couple that want peace and time alone just the two of us.

One of our favorite things to do throughout the years of our relationship has been driving around until we find a new place to eat.  We sure do love to eat!

Over the weekend, my husband suggested we take it way back to one of our very first date (15 years ago) spots. I wondered exactly where he was talking about, but I knew it had to be a good one if this destination stood out to him as a favorite date spot of ours.

We hit the road for a day of just us, and as we reached cooks corner in Brunswick, I knew exactly where he was taking me.. Only the best place around, the place where you can score the yummiest Canadian Bacon B.L.T, if you're local to Brunswick you know that place is Fat Boy Drive-in!

Diner Menu

I'm a huge fan of Drive-in restaurants and if they are on roller skates, all better. The feeling of reliving the old days, speaks directly to my soul. I'm such a huge fan of Drive-in diners, that when we hit the age of retirement I would like to stop spending our dates at and drive-in and just own one.


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