Last night I faced a life long fear of mine directly in the eye and only flinched a little. I got invited to speak during the Chambers Buisness Afterhours event, and even though this is a massive fear of mine, I don't want to be the girl whos fear holds her back.

I've always dreaded the thought and act of public speaking, and I'm sure most people think because I work in radio that I wouldn't fear any type of speaking. I'm here to tell you, that's not the case. Speaking into a microphone to thousands of people is easy when you don't have them staring at you. Speaking to a room full of professionals is a whole other story. Even with my fears in place, sweating palms, and my anxiety through the roof, and all I showed up and did it.

I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Doherty, the President and CEO of the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce, and many local business owners and guests. I can honestly say I met so many people who's names I'm not sure ill remember, as I make name/face connections, and with everyone is a mask that is a little hard to achieve.

All in all, the event was excellent, and my first public speaking event is now behind me, which is nice because I really, like really, really butchered some of their names. LOL. Other radio DJs have told me that butchering names are part of the initiation process, and with that said, I am now officially a radio DJ!


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