Our Saturday started off like most other Saturdays in our house. We slept in, enjoyed a morning cup of coffee, and planned what the remainder of our day would consist of. Lately, not much eventful has been happening to fill our schedule. So we decided to make our own happiness and enjoy the day, regardless.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, therefore we knew we needed to spend the majority of the day outside. A nature walk/hike, some yummy Chinese take-out that would be enjoyed picnic style & just a nice ride around would be the perfect day..

Time to hit the road.. but first one quick pit stop in Randolph, at Randolph hardware because well Stephen aka Hubba needed a new hat of course. LOL. While the kids and I waited in the van for his return, I realized my phone was not working properly.  Actually, it wasn't really working at all.  Where your phone would normally tell you how many bars of service you have, mine said "no service" and occasionally switched to "searching for service".  Nothing I had ever encountered before.
After a call from Stephens phone to my cellphone carrier, we quickly came to the conclusion that my phone could no longer connect to the service network, as the SIM card was defective.. Ahhh welp, that’s not gonna work, I need my phone for work and well everyday life.
First wrench in our Saturday plans.. Go get a new SIM card.
Thankfully my cellular carrier was open and accepting customers, both in store and curbside. As I entered the store for the first time in a few months, it was umm different.. There was red tape on the floor, that way boundaries were kept in check, and the customer chairs were even 6 feet away from the Customer service representatives desks.

Why did I wait so long you might ask? I am not a big fan of change and whelp I'm just not a tech savvy kinda girl. LOL After weighing my options, I went with the new iPhone SE. It gave me the updated camera I was looking for, but its the same size and everything as my iPhone 7, meaning all of my older cellphone cases would fit it! It ran me roughly $400 dollar, which is a fraction of the cost compared to other iphones. Huge win in my book!New phone purchased and all ready to go, meant we were delayed roughly an hour and a half for our big Saturday plans. It also meant we had two very hangry, that's hungry and angry combined if you didnt know, kids.. Clearly we needed to eat before we did anything else. After driving all the way to Waterville to try out the Chinese take out, Ming Lee's that all of our friends rave about.

Yep! It was closed... That's Wrench number two thrown into our Saturday plans..
With the option of a Chinese food picnic gone out the window, we scurried to the closest fast food chain and a personal favorite of my family, Five Guys.. YUMM!  No Picnic lunch for us.. But it didn't mean after we finished eating that we couldn't still enjoy a nice long nature walk, right?Here comes Wrench number three..

We got out of the van for our long nature hike, grabbed everything we would need drinks, and snacks you know the necessities. We made it roughly 3 minutes into our hike and there its was, the infamous... "I'VE GOT TO USE THE BATHROOM"....... Our Saturday went nothing like planned and clearly we weren't made for picnics and nature hikes. LOL But hey lets look at the positives, I got a New phone!!

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