13 years ago (May 17th), I became a mom for the first time.

A mom to the sweetest, blonde haired, blue eyed baby girl who we name Belle-Rose. I was very young, just barely 18, but knew I was destined to be a mom no matter my age. Everything happens for a reason and it's all a journey, but this journey would forever change how I viewed the world.

She became my reason to smile. My reason to love deeper then I have ever loved. She became my reason to wake up and be the best possible version of myself everyday. I mean after all she would be watching my every move. I knew I would make mistakes and I knew there was no way everything I would do as a mom would be done the "right way". But, I also knew she needed me just as much as I needed her and together we would grow in so many ways.


Over these past 13 years, my sweet Belle-Rose has taught me more then I could have ever imagine. She's taught me patience, when I didn't have any to give. She's taught me not to limit your dreams, to find a passion and keep going until you reach it. I always imagined I'd be the one cheering her on and rooting for her. Don't get me wrong I am her biggest cheerleader, but in the end shes the one that pushes me and cheers me on in anything I choose to do.

I have never met someone that's more self driven, know's where they are going in life, is easygoing, so compassionate and is just an all around genuine soul than she is. I really can't imagine where my life would be with out her sassy (that came with her teens) yet sweet, selfless soul.

This weekend we got the chance to celebrate her birthday Harry Potter style, from the cake to the homemade Butter-beer (which by the way was absolutely scrumptious) to the forehead scar tattoos its surly a birthday celebration we'll never forget

Happy 13th Birthday Belle-Rose, Dad and I love you more then you'll ever know and we are so excited to see just where you go in life!

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