I had to share this with you asap. So, yesterday I went into Party City here in Augusta because I heard through the grapevine that they were closing. I thought they had already closed the doors back in May like initially planned, but with the pandemic that was put on hold.

I went into Party City thinking that maybe I'd find a few good deals and be on with my day. Haha. Think again. I walked out of Party City with 68 items and a savings of $227.60. My mind was blown that I somehow bought enough party supplies to host 3 different themed parties for a measly $12.66.


My nephew, Colton, who is turning 4 in September, loves the show Blaze on Nickelodeon, and as soon as I came across the Blaze party supply section, I scooped it all up.


I didn't stop there. Colton has the sweetest little brother, Caileb that will be turning 1 shortly after Colton's 4th birthday. What themed do you pick for a one-year-old? Duh, Thomas the Train.

1st bday

Once, again Party City did not disappoint, and this time they came through for a Nerf themed party for my son Logan. What little boy doesn't live Nerf guns? There was absolutely no way that I could leave the store without these fantastic party supplies that will come in handy for more than those 3 occasions, I'm sure.


If you're in the market for party supplies and even Halloween costumes, head over to Party City before they officially close at the end of August.


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