When Covid-19 struck the world out of the blue a little over a year ago, I never knew the lasting impact it would have on me a year later. I think we all knew that the coronavirus was something we didn't want, but that was really all we knew.

In November of 2020, I ended up contracting the virus and its usual symptoms, fatigue, slight cough, fever, chills, full-body aches, confusion, as well as my sense of taste and smell. All in all, after just a few short weeks, I recovered just fine, that is all except my sense of taste and smell.

I didn't start to regain those senses until I was 7 weeks out from recovering. Here we are 5 months later, and I still can't fully take or smell things normally. In fact, I actually struggle eating anything for the most part because nothing tastes the same, and for some strange reason, everything smells weird or rotten. Who knew that these would be lingering symptoms?

Have you had Covid, and do you still have lingering symptoms?



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