Since the State of The State address earlier this year, we have been hearing about a new round of relief checks for Maine residents.  Basically, Governor Mills said that she was going to give a state budget surplus back to the people of the state.

Initially, the checks started out being approximately $500 each.  However, over the last few months, it has been discovered there was more money in the surplus than initially thought.  At this point, the checks are going to be about $850 per eligible person.

It now appears there is  scam relating to those checks.

According to WMTW, the Maine Attorney General is warning the residents of the state about scammers using the checks as a way to get personal information.

According to the TV station article, the scammers claim to be from the "Maine IRS" and they say they need information in order to process the relief check for the intended victim.

Some information the scammers may ask for includes social security numbers and maiden names.

According to the Attorney General, the State of Maine already has all the information they need in order to process and send out the checks.

Clearly, never give out personal information unless you are 100% sure of the identity that you are giving the information to.  And, if course, keep a close eye on our older loved ones.

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