Starting today, law enforcement will crack down on people who don’t obey laws meant to protect cyclists and pedestrians. Nearly 500 people are stuck annually in the state, and the number of fatalities has doubled since 2012. With tourist season in full swing, the timing of the 'blitz' is designed for maximum impact.

Across Maine, the level of enforcement will vary. Motorized vehicles will not be the only people under close watch. Law enforcement will also watch for moving violations such as cyclists who do not follow traffic signals like red lights or who ride against the flow of traffic, as well as pedestrians who do not use crosswalks. In addition to cruisers, unmarked cars and foot patrols will be used. Jim Tasse, assistant director of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine told the Portland Press Herald. “Everybody has a right to be there, and everybody needs to follow the rules.” “The goal behind this year’s exercise is to really turn the spotlight on the behaviors that put vulnerable users at risk on Maine’s roads,” Tasse said.

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