According to Seacoast Current, the alleged incident happened on Route 9 B in Wells on Tuesday (December 29th) afternoon.

According to law enforcement, 56 year old Regina T. Frias, of Berwick, allegedly followed a teenage driver into the parking lot of the Hampton Inn in Wells following a tailgating incident.  Frias then allegedly threatened the driver and her friend, a 17 year old female and a 19 year old female, verbally and with a firearm.

The incident started when the teen, who was on her way to the hotel to pickup a friend, allegedly tailgated Frias down Rt 9B.  Eventually, the teen passed Frias, who then followed the teen to the hotel.  The teen's friend, a 19 year old female, got in the teen's car.  However, before they could leave, they were accosted by Frias.  The 19 year old then exited the vehicle and began shouting back at Frias.

That's when Frias reportedly pulled a handgun from its holster.  She reportedly pointed it at the 19 year old.  That's when the 19 year old ran away to call the police.  At that point, Frias fled the scene.

She was stopped a short time later by North Berwick police.  She was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Wells Police Department.   Frias has been charged with criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon. She has been  released on $560 bail.  She will be arraigned at York County Superior Court on February 5.

Fortunately, it does not appear that anyone was injured in the incident.


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