I dislike road trips. I’d fly  to Portland if I could. It just seems so much more efficient. Other members of my family love road trips. I don’t quite understand the appeal but based on our "down east" destination and the fact we were hauling dogs, we were going to be taking a road trip durning my recent vacation. I think I would enjoy it more if I didn't have to drive, navigate, or be awake during the "in between" times.

I guess I do have to admit that driving has some unique benefits. I was enamored by the story of "Gods foot" gracing the rock formation by the Penobscot bridge they say is there due to the disturbance of the land. Native American lore is that a curse has been placed on the land, and has revealed "God's Footprint" in the rocks to leave a visual image of not being pleased by the disturbance of the land.

Foot of god

We were able to see some of the sights on our way down east including Captain bucks tombstone in Bucksport,


The big chicken barn also in Bucksport which is no longer used for chickens but lots of very cool and unique antiques.

chicken barn

As we continue down east past the towns of Gouldsboro, Steuben and Harrington it was a bit eye opening. The places that we pass, the things that we see, are very different as you drive by versus flying overhead.


While my dog snoozed in the backseat I decided to enjoy the journey. I have never been down east after all, it was time to enjoy the scenery.

Maybe I am being converted...perhaps there will be many more road trips in the future.

Any suggestions?

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