With Maine's coronavirus numbers climbing daily in both confirmed cases and deaths, people all over the state are losing loved ones in a way no one could have ever imagined.

One of the things we sometimes forget is that each of those number is a person. A person someone loved and cherished.

That's why Melissa Harriman Staples of Frankfort, Maine created a Facebook group called 'Remembering Maine's Covid-19 -Every number has a name'.

Melissa has been directly affected by just one of those rising numbers, when her own mother Kitty Harriman, died of COVID-19. She said her mother was the 35th person in the state of Maine to die from the coronavirus. There was no proper goodbye to her mother and Melissa knows she's not the only one struggling with that right now. Many are in this battle together. So please remember that every number has a name and if you have lost some one to Coronavirus you're not alone.

According to the Facebook group, Melissa created the group in hopes to connect with other people that have lost loved ones. She wanted a place for those who have lost a loved one to be able to share about them and show the world that they are more then just a statistic and a number. They have a name they have a face and they have family that loves them.


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