No, this isn't clickbait... this REALLY happened...

Have you ever felt like you needed that little self-esteem booster? You know, like that thing that will make you feel better and lift your spirits?

Lately, I've been in a rut. With so many things going on in life, I haven't felt myself between home and work. My confidence is down; I'm up several pounds from eating all my feelings; I don't dress up as much as I used to or even put on something as simple as lipstick.

Why? Because I'm in a rut, damn it!

If you know me, though, I'm a cup half-full girl, and even when my cup is empty, I remember that the best part of a cup is that it's refillable.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, I decided to remind myself that even if I have gained a few pounds and I don't feel as confident, I am still beautiful and deserve to feel that way.

How was I going to make myself feel beautiful and gain confidence? Well, boudoir pictures, that's how!

Unfamiliar with boudoir? They are intimate pictures that can be very sexual or very classy. Either is fine, but I was looking for the classy type.

So, I reached out to a friend who happens to be a local photographer and shared my vision of exactly what I wanted in these pictures... You know, what poses I was hoping to capture, outfit choices, and the small details.

The photographer (who I will leave nameless) and I decided Vaughn Woods in Hallowell would make the perfect backdrop, so we met there. After making the trek into the woods, we realized we timed it perfectly, and there was no one else in sight, so we got started.

This is where the story gets good...

While I was climbing around in the waterfall wrapped in the cutest leopard print robe, it happened... I SLIPPED... My booty went up over my head as my arms and legs flailed. Somewhere in between my booty toppling over and my arms flailing, I lost my robe...

That's right... I was full-blown naked only to realize we were no longer alone.

To the young man and his lady friend walking their sweet dog... I'm sorry...

To the two teenaged girls taking selfies with the golden hour sunlight in the background... I'm sorry...

And to the lovely couple dressed to the nines having a storybook picturesque picnic with the most gorgeous view and a photographer in tow taking what seemed to be engagement pictures... I REALLY AM SORRY.

I don't know how much you saw, but I do know that I'm genuinely sorry that you had to witness the mess that I am. Also, you never have to worry. After this whole deal... I'll NEVER BE BACK!


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