Can you imagine waiting five years for something? Let me rephrase, can you imagine waiting 5 years for something you want all starting at the age of 5?

That's what happened to my son Logan. Logan has been begging to get his ears pierced since the young age of 5 years old. His dad and I wanted him to be confident in his decision. So, when he started asking at such a young age, we merely told him if he still felt that way come age 10 that we would get his ears pierced.

Ages 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9 flew by faster than any of us expected, and as soon as number 10 rolled around, we went into quarantine lockdown. This poor kid waited 5 whole years just to be told he had to stay home just as he was finally getting his wish.

Fast forward 6 months to this past weekend, We were shopping at the Maine Mall in Portland when our daughter wanted to check out the jewelry store Clair's sister store Icing. Logan immediately brought it to our attention that this particular store offered ear piercing, and the rest is history.


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I'm proud to say Logan has shown a severe growth in maturity and responsibility when it comes to cleaning and spinning his new earrings 3 times a day.

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