I am so grateful and overwhelmed with all the kind words since I made the announcement earlier this week that I am leaving B98.5 after over 16 years. You guys are making me smile and cry at the same time. This is the most difficult thing I've done since the funerals of my mother, father and sister.


Being on the radio and talking everyday to you is kind of like being with family and it's really hurting me that I am going to be losing this.

I started here on August 20,2000 and it's very humbling to hear how much many of you are going to miss me. I guess I never stop and realized that and I really do wish I wasn't leaving.

I love playing your requests and meeting you at live events and remote broacasts. Many of you have been so supportive of the radio station and I encourage you to keep listening and so the same kindness and support to whoever takes me place at the radio station.

I am still going to keep my home in Augusta and do plan on visiting a couple times a year. I'll try and Facebook message when I'll be in town.

Leaving my driveway on Sunday morning with what I am sure to be tear filled eyes is going to really be difficult but it's onward and hopefully upward.

Thank you again so much!

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