While doing a little shopping on Walmart.com, I came across something so strange yet intriguing that I just had to take a further look into it all. I honestly thought I had misread what I was reading but nope its all real..

Scented nail polish is actually a thing and its all new to me. Being a nail biter I don't often wear nail polish, welp because I just chew it off. LOL. I'm not unfamiliar with scented things such as markers and erasers or even scented pencils for kids and adults alike, those things have always been a hit. I mean such a hit that I remember hearing teachers often telling others students that these items are not edible even if they smell like they are. But, scented nail polish has me all sorts of confused.

The nail polish brand Sinful Colors, has released a new collection called the Sweet and Salty collection. This new collection covers all of the food basics Pizza, Donuts, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate cake, Tacos and last but not least Cheese puffs!

Not only is this new line of nail polish scented, it goes so much further and is textured too. For the most part, most of the textures are just different shaped confetti added to the nail polish base to give the illusion of sprinkles on donuts and the toppings on pizza or tacos. However the one that really got me though, some how they nailed the texture of a cheese puff.. Of all things I can assure you if my fingers are going to resemble a cheese puff, its going to be my finger tips from reaching into the bag or cheese puffs not the nail polish on my fingernails.

What mind blowing beauty products have caught your eye? I would love to hear all about them, you can message me directly thru the App and on our B98.5 Facebook page.

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